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Professional Landscaping Services comprises of rigorous operating procedures with our customer support and mobility solutions as the key principles. Our support teams provide continuous monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our service protocols are designed to reduce maintenance costs by our being proactive via recurring site audits and overall due diligence.

Our account teams comprise of a dedicated account manager responsible for the adherence of all service solutions to your requirements, account support staff, and a service delivery team responsible for all of the qualitative aspects of the service program.

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Bed Maintenance

Bed maintenance by Professional landscaping services
Service by the company

Planting flowers, trees, and shrubs adds a customized character and life to your home. We help you through the design process to create your perfect garden.

Ground Care

Service of grown care by Professional landscaping services
Stock photo for Professional landscaping services of lawn mowing

At Professional Landscaping Services we provide a complete grounds management service for commercial and residential clients.

Snow Clearing/Ice Melt

Snow clearing made by Professional Landscaping Services
service of the company

We believe safety is paramount for any business or organization that is why we are available 24×7 for your snow removal needs.

Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation by Professional landscaping services
Service of irrigation by the company

We provide irrigation services including: Spring Start Ups, Winterization, and Sprinkler Head Replacement & Maintenance.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup by Professional landscaping services
Service in fall cleanup by the company

Give your property a healthy start at the beginning of the year’s growing season. Our Spring and Fall Cleanup visit will ensure your landscaping is looking fresh.

Tree Removal

tree removed by Professional Landscaping Services
Tree trunk

While tree removal is the choice of last resort, it is sometimes most necessary. From sick trees to trees that uproot sidewalks we can do it all for you.


Patio Design by Professional Landscaping Services
Patio Design

Outdoor patios are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space comfortably while increasing the value of your home.


Grass Blades
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We all want a lush green yard in the spring and summer time. PLS Wichita provides seeding at accurate times in order to fulfill your lawn’s full potential.


sodding by Professional Landscaping Services
sodding home with services of Professional Landscaping Services

Sodding your lawn ensures instant grass to fill any void areas in your yard in a quick and easy way. Sodding also creates denser lawn and helps prevent soil erosion.

Retaining Wall

wall desing of Professional Landscaping Services
Design of wall

A retaining wall may prevent soil erosion and provide flood control for your home. This feature will save your yard and your money.

Stone Patios

Service of Professional Landscaping Services
Design of Backyard

Stone patios are highly durable and long-lasting being twice as strong as concrete pavers. They add a natural beauty to your patio.

Water Features

water features design by Professional Landscaping Services
Design by the company

From bubbler fountains to waterfalls, water features give your home a sense of peace and relaxation. Add tranquility to your senses and your home.


mowing services of Professional Landscaping Services
Regular Mowing

Regular mowing helps save you time, combats pests and can even keep weeds at bay. Professional Landscaping Services keep your lawn looking its best.

Shrub Trimming

SHRUB TRIMMING made by Professional Landscaping Services

Maintaining your shrubs with regular trimming is beneficial for the adequate growth of your plant. Protect your plants and property from damage.

Pond Maintenance

services of Professional Landscaping Services
pond maintenance by Professional Landscaping Services

Professional Landscaping Services recognizes potential maintenance issues with algae and weed control around the perimeter of ponds or small lakes.


nightscape design by Professional Landscaping Services
design made by the company

Illuminate your home and every occasion highlighting walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more.

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Popup drain system by Professional Landscaping Services
service of the company

Keep your home dry and save by improving drainage of standing water near, under, and inside your home without damaging your landscape.