Local Character & Prosperity

Professional Landscaping Services is a one-of-a-kind business that provides distinctive character while giving you an economic advantage.


We incorporate innovative design and standardized service solutions while delivering the maximum cost-effective results.


Our sustainability efforts extend beyond our carbon footprint and serve to inspire others to accelerate their efforts towards green living.


Our quality audit procedures are renowned for saving our clients time and money and our programs are pivotal to delivering our value proposition.

We’re changing the Landscape of the entire industry.

Key Features

Wichita Landscaping and Irrigation

Standardized Processes

Professional Landscaping Services audit, measure and implement improvements across the board to establish a baseline of quality processes.

Management Systems

Our management systems serve as a basic building block for abroad range of large and small operations by overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of productivity.

On-Going Value Creation

We focus on creating and improving a better value for our customers by understanding their requirements, exploring areas for improvement, defining possible solutions & prioritizing opportunities.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to continual improvements in service levels & associated developments ensure that our clients benefit from improved reliability & efficiencies.

Environmental Consciousness

Our sustainability goals are strategically aligned resources that push our performance metrics forward & serve as a basis for managing wider socio-environmental systems.


As a certified diverse company, we fully incorporate essential cultural dynamics to your overall service experience.

Our Team

Small but powerful

Peter Salmeron

Peter Salmeron

With over 30-years of experience in Wichita landscaping business management, Peter puts emphasis in customer development & growth as well as customer service & satisfaction.

Awarded business Person of the year by the Department of Commerce.

Monica Shuey

Monica Shuey

Marketing Director

Our Marketing Director nurtures relationships to maximize exposure for Professional Landscaping Services with our Home & Commercial clients.

Josh Webster

Josh Webster

Irrigation Technician

Josh has 10-years of experience and is in charge of scheduling, irrigation installation & maintenance as well as Spring start ups & winterization. Josh likes to exceed customers’ expectations.


Steven Spence

Steven Spence

Grounds Maintenance Manager

Steven has several years of experience managing large accounts such as Home Owner’s Associations and Municipalities.

Martin Meraz

Martin Meraz

Maintenance Supervisor

Martin has been with the company for 15-years. He understands quality control of grounds maintenance and landscaping. Martin excels at customer service.

The natural choice for dependable quality, service and results.

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